Loads of apologies :/

Sorry,sorry,sorry! :O

Remember….”Pinky swear! I will never desert this blog EVER!” I swore that before and I wasn’t keeping that promise…. a bit.Well maybe more than a bit. AS I tell you A LOT,I’m oh so busy doing things like:

~~~  drawing anime

~~~ studying

~~~ facebooking

~~~ studying

~~~ coloring

~~~ listening to music

~~~ not to mention,studying

~~~ and…socializing (uhm…yea, a little)

That’s a long list for a tween.Kinda? Maybe? I’ll ask you? Not even a quarter of a normal tween’s ?

Enough of the “edgy-ironic” introduction… It just SO happened that I am craving of blogging,again and again and again….



*awkward silence*



I’m serious! 🙂

And before I get back to this whole thing… Munchkins said hi! :)))



The new and mysterious poo

BREAKING NEWS PetSoholics, Pet Society addicts and Pet Society freaks!

A new kind of…hahaha…er poo hahaha (pardon me I can’t seem to stop laughing!) has joined the Pet Society universe.This newly discovered treasure…I mean poo is described to be pink and sparkling.It is said that your pet will poo it under certain rules:

Step 1- Feed your pet to a full bar (99 %)

Step 2-Let your pet have 5 flies to get it to poo

Step 3-If you have 3 poos (stinky or not) in your chest,you have to get rid of them.

Step 4-Be patient,wait for your pet to poo.

If the results are inaccurate,repetition and lots’a patience is needed.


Play to Give in Pet Society!

Hello to all Pet Society addicts out there!

Wherever you all are. Whether you are in Afganistan or Iceland. Take part in saving the wildlife! I’m also taking part too. I suggest Pet Society to my friends. It’s one of the only things I can do. Another is making something like poster. I just made one.I’ll post it at Pet Society Journal’s fan page. People who would like to play Pet Society should join at THIS page!

To those who want to support but have joined the game before can”take part” by buying WWF buy purchasing any WWF items in the game.In every purchase,Playfish will donate 10 % of the proceeds to help the WWF essential conservation work! How’s that sound? How ’bout you? What is your own,unique little way of  supporting?

A Whole New World…

 Guess what next week’s theme is ! If you guessed “Arabian Nights”. You are correct!

View Image
I’ve seen the spoilers in some blogs and I can’t wait for Monday! I can’t wait to see magic carpets and genies in a… oops! I shan’t tell anything too ” juicy” about it anymore but I’ll be posting a bit of it! I don’t want to spoil the fun! I don’t want to be something similar to that of a party pooper!

Look who’s back!


I probably thought about taking a break on Pet Society a week ago.After I agreed of my own decision,I made everyone know about it and took a short break.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

And here I am! Back and sure of my decision that I thought of…well…let’s just say it was a hard decision.Guess what? I’ll probably stay a Pet Society addict!!Even though Ameba Pico was addictive, I have to admit I missed sitting on the bed,writing about Pet Society while racing with my pet-friends. Ah! Those were the good times!

As for Munchkins,she settled in Texas for a week, eating corn on the cob and riding horses ’til her heart’s content.



On Vacation!

It has been a tough time for me. I think it’s about  time I rest for a while.In a few days,I will be unable to post about updates or stories.

Don’t worry,I won’t be deserting the blog.Maybe even me, playing Pet Society would be….sporadic? Forgive me if I take too long. Pet Society is turning out to be a responsibility and well….not a game. Instead of being excited of the new items in stores,I feel the urge of playing in this new game (Ameba Pico) I’m addicted to.I feel like I want to give in but I can’t. Bye for now!

Who did she wear better?

Munchkins was getting a little bored.She didn’t feel like shopping for clothes because she bought everything already! She was rummaging her closet and all this nonsense with clothes gave her a bright idea..

She was going to play dress-up! And she was going to dress like the women of the Olympic Coven!

1. Renesmee Carlie Cullen

2. Bella Swan-Cullen

3.Alice Cullen

4.Rosalie Hale

5.Esme Cullen

Here’s your chance! Help me choose which is worth drooling for and which needs improvement. Vote for your choice!


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